Remote Support

Our Remote Assistance program could be the answer.

This is a service offered to existing customers.

It is a bit like making a phone call except it is one way (you call us, we cannot call you). You run the program below to call us and we answer the call (you need to let us know that you are calling). During the session there is a new icon in the task bar at the bottom right of the screen, you can right click this with your mouse at any time and stop the session. When you stop the session we can not restart it, you have to call us again.

By running this software you are inviting us to control your computer with you observing. The software runs in memory and when we finish the session there is nothing installed on the computer or in memory

Under no circumstances are we able to initiate a connection without your invitation by running the program below.

Assistance will incur a minimum charge of $25 which covers the first 15 minutes and then $25 for every subsequent 15 minute period

We recommend that you download and save the program to your desktop, and then run it from there by double clicking the icon called TeamViewerQS.exe.

Click here to download the Remote Assistance program

NOTE: Due to the vast number of issues that can cause computer problems, the Remote Assistance may or may not solve your particular problem.