B.E.S.T. – Business Enhancing Support Technology

Need to slash your organisations IT costs?

ct_best_seal_rgb_lgWith the current economic climate many companies and organisations are looking for meaningful ways to lower their cost of providing Information Technology services.

Many IT departments seem to mysteriously grow without a cap on sensible productivity outcomes. We have seen as many as 4 IT people looking after a business with only 100 computers. IT people are expensive.  If your organisation’s ratio is less than 1:65 then you seriously need to be talking to us. We can trim your costs to a realistic level, without sacrificing your organisation’s IT expectations or deliverables.

Our focus is on the four P’s [Productivity, Protection, Peace of Mind & Profit] – Imagine turning your IT into a profit centre.

And NO!  WE DO NOT achieve this by outsourcing YOU to a help desk in Mumbai or the Philippines like some of the larger providers do.
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Business Enhanced Support Technology [aka B.E.S.T. ] – Talk to us about our B.E.S.T. Total Care IT plans. Our B.E.S.T. clients enjoy a fixed monthly fee that never fluctuates regardless of how many service calls or problems, they have*

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